Saturday, December 29, 2007


On Christmas morning, Jason, Ashlyn, and I woke up and celebrated Christmas together with just the three of us, before all of our family arrived. We opened the few presents we got for each other and then tried to get Ashlyn to open her presents. I thought she would really understand the "opening presents" thing this year and really get excited about tearing open presents, but she just wanted to play with the first present and really didn't care about opening the rest. So Mommy got to open a lot of gifts this year!

For Christmas this year, Jason and I hosted the family gathering at our house. In past years, we celebrate with his family before Christmas, and then we celebrate with my family on Christmas Day. This year, we decided we could have both sides of the family over and all celebrate together. Jason and I prepared our first turkey (which came out great!) and a few side dishes. After everyone else brought a few other dishes and desserts over, we had a Christmas feast! It was so delicious! Yum!

Table set for Christmas

Ashlyn liked her new shopping cart!

Ashlyn really likes the bows!

Ashlyn playing with her cousin, David.


Casey said...

I like Ashlyn's pj's. very cute!

Steph said...

HI!!!!!!! I'm so glad you joined the club!

Wow, you're so brave to do the turkey dinner. Casey and I have been married for almost 7 years, and I have yet to attempt the turkey dinner. Well done you!

Ashlyn does look the cutest!