Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Love Her

Our God really poured Himself into this one.

Out of the shadows of teaching 3rd graders, self expectations, and the rigors of living life, grows my two year old miracle. We enjoyed about 20 minutes of Daddy-Ashlyn time after school today. We picked flowers that are starting to grow in our flower bed, kicked the soccer ball around, and just sat together. She is amazed by everything: a bird in the air, a butterfly passing by, the moon, grass, flowers... I find myself in amazement of her.

Today reminded me of the book I read to her almost every time I put her to bed at night -- "Guess How Much I Love You." A really sweet book about a baby rabbit and it's mother or father talking together about how each loves the other more. They go throughout the book enjoying just being together. That's how today was. I kept telling her to tell me she loved me when we took pictures...and she always responded, "I love you, daddy."


liz said...

aw...how sweet! by the way my parents would always read that book to me and actually gave to me as a valentines day present so that i could read it to my kids some day...enjoy ashlyn...she is a blessing for sure!

BeccaDink said...
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BeccaDink said...

Didn't want to be a "stealth reader" any more. Sarah - she's beautiful!! I hope life is treating you well!