Monday, May 26, 2008

First Haircut!

I finally took Ashlyn to get her very first haircut! It actually took a lot of persuading to get Jason to allow this to happen. But after we had heard a few different friends of ours make a few comments...."it looks like she's kinda got a mullet" or "it looks like she's growing a tail"....Jason and I both decided it was a good time to take her. No kid of mine is going to have a mullet!!! I heard a friend mention a cute new kids haircutting place called Snip Its, so I decided to try it out! The place is great! It is very kid friendly! I didn't think we would be able to get Ashlyn to sit still long enough to cut her hair, but she didn't cause one problem. They have a little TV at each station for the kids to watch and of course lollipops! At the end, Ashlyn got to take some of the hair they cut off and stick it in a machine that sucked it up and spit out a prize....she loved it! I definitely recommend this place...and...I have a $5 off referal coupon for anyone who wants it.

You'll have to excuse the big red blotch...she got attacked by a mosquito :(