Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crazy Day!

Jason and I are both off from work this week! So, today Jason had an appointment to get a physical done for his new job starting next week. He was going to be going down by the Galleria for the appointment, so we thought it would be fun for Ashlyn and I to go along and we would go have a picnic lunch at the Waterwall after he was done. Ashlyn loves picnics, so she was very excited about going. Jason wasn't sure how long it would take for his appointment, but I figured that the Galleria was right there and that Ashlyn and I would just go walk around until he was finished.

We dropped Jason off around 10 a.m. and headed to the Galleria. After about an hour of walking around, Ashlyn was already tired of doing that and getting hungry....Daddy was not finished yet. So we headed to Pottery Barn Kids...she loves playing with the toys there while mommy looks around. I should have known it was probably a mistake bringing her in there b/c when we walked in another mom was coming out with her crying daughter, who was about Ashlyn age, who wanted to stay and play. And after letting her play for a little while, I was walking out of the store with a crying daughter who just wanted to stay and play. Oh well...it killed some time. Now both of us are hungry and ready for a picnic....Daddy was still not finished....but we headed over to the doctor's office to just sit and wait for him. I mean come on, he had been there for about 2 hours already.

After sitting in the parking lot for a little while, Jason came walking out (a little irritated)...still not finished b/c the lady who needed to do part of the physical had gone for lunch (hmmmmm that was nice), so now we would have to come back after our picnic.

Off to the Waterwall! We finally made it and set up our picnic. We were a little disappointed b/c the Waterwall wasn't even on! After a few minutes, Jason looked up and pointed to some dark clouds. It didn't look that bad, so we continued eating. Within a few minutes the clouds were getting closer and the wind was picking up. Suddenly the wind got really strong. We threw all of our stuff back into the cooler and tried to make a judgement call of whether or not it was going to start pouring. We went ahead and started heading back to the car. As we were walking, the wind started blowing REALLY hard. We actually had to stop and turn our backs to the wind b/c it was blowing leaves and dirt so hard that it was hurting. Ashlyn was crying and I was freaking out! I was dropping all the stuff I was carrying and Jason was chasing after it. The wind would calm down for a few seconds and then blow reallly hard again and we would have to stop again. It was the craziest thing! When we finally got back to the car, I felt like I was covered in dirt and Ashlyn kept saying that she was a mess. At least we made it to the car before it started raining!

We took Jason back to the doctor's to finish his appointment, while Ashlyn and I finished our picnic in the car. Maybe we will just stick to picnics in our backyard:)

The only picture I had time to take!