Friday, August 22, 2008

Things you might not know about me:)

I got tagged by my mommy friend Karen! So I guess I will dive deep into who Sarah really is and things that might be a little interesting about her. Ok....I'll stop talking in the 3rd person now:) Here goes...

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1. I am an avid reality show/competition watcher! I can't help it...I just have to know what happens next. Even if the show is very shallow and absolutely ridiculous. Big Brother, The Mole, The Hills, America's Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek, Project Runway, American Idol, Bachelor/Bachelorette, and the list goes on. Some of the shows I think are worth watching, but come on...Beauty and the Geek...what is wrong with me! I am making an effort to cut back this year!

2. Most of you know that I am a twin, but did you know that my twin sister and I really did not like each other growing up. I know...most twins are like best friends, but we were far from that! I don't know what caused us to be like that...except for the fact that we were totally different and looked nothing alike and were still called "the twins" and people got us mixed up all the time. But now we are the best of friends!

3. Yes, I played volleyball in college, most of you know that. But, when I was a junior in high school, my friend and I entered a sand volleyball competition for fun in Houston. We ended up winning that, went to Corpus Christi and won that tournament, and won a free trip to California to play in the Junior National Sand Volleyball Tournament. It was an amazing trip and we ended up placing 3rd in the Nation, losing to 2 California teams. It was a crazy experience!

4. When I was in elementary school I did gymnastics. I actually did competitions and stuff where I won medals! Now I was definitely no Nastia Lukin or Shawn Johnson! But I could do a cartwheel on the balance beam! And I did not quit gymnastics because I moved on to bigger and better things, I quit because I was doing a back handspring and landed on my head...ouch! I was too chicken to do many things after that, so I knew my gymnastics career was over:(

hmmm...I'm running out of interesting things...

5. I really do not like reading books. When someone recommends a book to me, I just wonder if it is a movie yet. I really have never liked to read...even growing up. I only read just what I had to get by in school. I do on the other hand, read for information, like when I was pregnant, I read a few books on pregnancy. The other things I like to read are emails, blogs, pottery barn catalogs, and the newspaper:)

6. I am somewhat of a germ-a-phob! Ever since I had Ashlyn I am just paranoid about germs! I use hand sanitizer all the time and use clorox wipes to clean everything! After getting a stomach virus from eating raw brownie mix and getting strep throat from walking around Walmart, I can't help but be anti germ lady. And don't worry, I don't go overboard and not shake other peoples hands and stuff like that...I try to control myself a little, but don't think I don't notice when you sneeze or cough on your hand and then open a door or touch something I'm about to touch. I just get my trusty hand sanitizer out after you're gone:) I know I'm too paranoid!

Well, that's enough info about me...I probably shared too much!

So now I tag:

1. Casey
2. Monique
3. Kasey
4. Catherine
5. Rebecca D
6. Sarah C.


Morgan said...

ummm...ok, so i know we have known each other for a long time, but i am pretty sure i didn't know about #3!

Melissa said...

You watch The Hills and The Bachelor/Bachlorette too?!?!? YES!!!!!

I totally bust out the hand sanitizer especially at the doctor's office and hospital. I'm so sure that's where I got my staph infection and they told me they thought it came from "the outside." Well, since it was right after I gave birth and the only place I was going was back to the NICU, I'm pretty sure it wasn't... can you tell I'm not bitter at all about that? :P

Karen said...

Sarah, I hate to break it to you, but I don't think looking through the Pottery Barn catalog counts as "reading". =)

And who would have guessed you were a volleyball superstar!

Rachel said...

Yeah we definitly did not like each other...i'm glad we got over that:) I had forgotten how much of an avid gymnist you were until you performed your bar routine for me and jason the other week;)