Monday, September 29, 2008

ABC Baby Shower

On Saturday, I went to a baby shower for my friend, Morgan. I hosted a shower for her a while back at my house, but this time I was just one of the guests. Her sister, Casey, and her mom threw her this shower. The shower was so beautiful. The theme was ABC and it turned out super cute! There were letter blocks as decorations, we also had to write a word of advice for the mother to be starting with a certain letter that was on cards, and there were some yummy alphabet letter cookies. The weather was also beautiful, which made the shower even better because most of the shower was outside. We ate boxed lunches made by Casey. It was all just so creative! Morgan received a lot of great gifts including some handmade ones. The girl is so crafty herself, I found it hard to think of very many things you could possible make her because she made it all herself. I did find time to make her some burp cloths and bibs. She also got these really cute baby shoes made by Jen. I want to learn to make them when I have another baby! It was a very fun shower! Now it is only 2 weeks from Morgan's due date! Can't wait to meet little Bobby!


Karen said...

Hey, those are just like the sweet burp clothes you made Evelyn! They are by far my favorite! You are super talented!

Morgan said...

thanks so much for my fun gifts! i love, love the bibs!!

Casey said...

hey girl!~ such cute ideas! Are you coming for thanksgiving? we'll be there...finally! enjoy reading your blog and staying up to date on your life... now we just need to work on those other cousins/siblings of ours and get them to join the blog world.
Have a great day girl!
Love, Casey

Casey said...