Friday, September 19, 2008

Are There Any Starbucks Around Here?

This post is from Jason. I'm sure "wow!", "what the...", and "there's something new..." are popping up in everyone's mind.

My wife is 9 minutes away from landing in Seattle, Washington to visit Laura and Aaron. I have been tracking her entire flight on She endured a small thunderstorm along the way that the pilot looked like avoided by traveling a little further north. I am praying it was a smooth flight for her. I have prayed for her flight since I booked it last month and have prayed many times this week. God's angels are surrounding her plane and keeping them safe!

One of the worst parts of Sarah being gone is explaining to Ashlyn why it's daddy reading books to her before bed...why it's daddy singing Mockingbird, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle, and whatever else postpones sleep. She wants her routine of Mama and doesn't really care what excuses I give her. I told her that Mama would talk to her on the phone tomorrow after her Little Gym class and that would not do. She wanted to call right then! So we left an "I Love You, Goodnight" message just so Ashlyn (and Daddy) could her Mommie's voice before bed. It's nights like tonight where I feel truly blessed to have Sarah at home with Ashlyn. I can see the deep bond that they have with each other in such a short 2.5 years. I know Ashlyn loves me, but it pales in comparison to how she feels for her mama.

Anyways, we both miss you tonight and, even though we want you to have an awesome trip to Seattle, want Sunday night to get her ASAP!

P.S. Remember to ask Laura and Aaron our very important question when you arrive (which is about 2 more minutes from now). We love you!


Casey said...

hey-- i am intriqued... what is the very important question? it may be none of my business, but hey, you put it out there. :) hope you (sarah) had a great time in Seattle! and you (jason and ashlyn) had a good time bonding together!

Jason and Sarah said...

The very important question was if "there are any starbucks here?"'s a joke:)