Monday, October 6, 2008

Race for the Cure

On Saturday morning, Jason, Ashlyn, and I got up really early to go to the 5K Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. It raises money for the fight against breast cancer. It was our first time attending this event. The weather was perfect and there were a ton of people there. There were lots of funny signs that people made...for example...Save Second Base:) Or there team names were things like....the Double D's:) And there were some ladies who made hats out of pink bras...very funny! Somehow in the 30,000 or so people there we were able to find Jason and Casey:) We walked with them most of the way, then the took off to jog the last mile. We probably only jogged half a mile. There were just too many people there to try and maneuver a jogging stroller around. But we had a great time and it is such a good cause!


Rebecca said...

Rachel and I went and participated last year! It was so much fun. I had to work this year, but I plan on going next year!

Casey said...

there WERE a lot of people. I still think it was so cool, that I just looked over, (after searching and searching for you guys!) and there you were. :)

casey chappell said...

what a great experience! Thanks for doing this, my mother in law is a breast cancer survivor and I"m always really grateful for things like race for the cure because it's personal now.
Great little princes cape! look at you go miss crafty.
Have a great week!