Sunday, October 19, 2008

So many things you can do with a pumpkin!

Today, I guess you could say, was our pumpkin day! We bought some pumpkins yesterday at Dewberry Farm, so today we decided to get to work on them! Jason and I cleaned out and carved the pumpkins.

Happy Halloween


We put an old shirt on Ashlyn and let her paint a pumpkin.

And then we gathered up and cleaned the pumpkin seeds and made some yummy treats. We did the traditional toasted pumpkin seeds with salt. Also, I decided to try a new little recipe for pumpkin seeds I found here. If you love sweet stuff, this is a good recipe for you, so check it out!

So what are your favorite things to do with a pumpkin?


Morgan said...

ashlyn looks so big in that first picture! i love pumpkin bread!! yum!

Farmer Dewberry said...

So what's my favorite thing to do with a pumpkin? Sell them to great customers like you, of course. Hope you had a good time at the Farm and will make it a Family Tradition.
Farmer Dewberry
Larry Emerson, owner

Karen said...

I made that recipe for pumpkin seeds this morning. Yum!

You may think I am wierd but I like to eat pumpkin just plain! I also put it in EVERYTHING this time of my oatmeal, pancakes, I make pumpkin smoothies, pies, bread, cookies. I love pumpkin!

monique said...

I enjoyed all of you fall-ish posts. Great ideas!!! The pictures are fantastic! Ashlyn is such a doll. I enjoyed chatting with her at church Sunday - simply precious.