Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yes, as many of you know, Houston got an early Christmas present of SNOW yesterday! I was very excited when I heard we had a chance of snow because Ashlyn had never seen snow! I kept my eye on the radar all day to see when we might have the best chance of some snow flurries. Starting about at 3PM, I started getting texts from people saying they were getting snow. Finally, as it was getting dark outside, we saw a few snow flurries here and there. I was a little disappointed, but excited that Ashlyn got to see a little. Around 7PM, Jason went to help a friend with something down towards Sugar Land and he called me saying that the snow was really coming down over there. As soon as he got back home, we hopped in the car to go down towards Sugar Land, to see if we could find some better snow for Ashlyn to see. Yes, I know we might sound crazy, but how often does snow actually fall in Houston! So we headed over to the Sugar Land town center (so I could get a Starbucks too!) and the snow was definitely coming down more over there. I was so excited! Town center was decorated with Christmas lights and the Christmas tree was up....what a great back drop for some amazing pictures! I grabbed my camera, started to take a picture, and to much camera's battery was DEAD!!! Could that have happened at a worse time! I was so upset! But Jason said that the important thing was that Ashlyn got to see it. I know he's right, but those would have been some great pictures!

Well, here are some of the pictures I took in my backyard, and if you squint just right, you might see some of the snow flurries in the pictures.

Here is the one picture of Town Center before my camera died:(


liz said...

LOVE the up close pic of're becoming a picture pro :)

Rachel said...

Ash looks so happy>... did i buy her that pink sweatshirt?