Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I guess I should probably post about our Thanksgiving before Christmas gets here. We had a great time. My twin sister, Rachel, came Tuesday night and spent the week with us. On Wednesday, we spent the afternoon putting up our Christmas lights on the house. Yes, I know I said we don't put anything up before Christmas, but the weather report said it was suppose to rain on Friday and Saturday, so I thought Jason would be more safe climbing on the roof when it wasn't wet! The lights turned out great this year (pics to come soon)! We went up to Austin on Thanksgiving to see all of my mom's side of the family, like we do every year. The food was excellent as usual, and my mac n cheese was a hit! We took our annual huge family picture after lunch.

Of course Ashlyn thought it would be the appropriate time to flash the camera.

Ashlyn loved playing in all the leaves!

And she got to play with my cousin's beautiful girls!

My sisters and Me (can you guess which one is my twin)

When we got back on Thursday night, Rachel and I heard that Katy Mills Mall was going to open at midnight, so we decided to go. The first store we went to wasn't bad, but by the time we left that store all the other stores were so packed, so we just looked around and then left. On Friday, we decorated for Christmas inside our house. I was very pleased about how everything turned out. I need to take pics of everything, but here is a picture of our tree.
Well, I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!


Morgan said...

pretty tree! tell ashlyn to be a lady in pictures!! :)

Cynthia said...

So jealous you already have your tree up! I love the color of your living room, too.

Casey said...

i think you and jessica look more alike in that picture than rach.

Rachel said...

Jessica cheated in our pic by standing on her toes!