Friday, May 22, 2009

San Antonio

We went on a little family vacation this week to San Antonio. It hasn't even been a year since we took Ashlyn to Sea World, but there is plenty of family fun activities there, so we headed back.

Our first stop was the Japanese Tea Garden. I never even knew this place was there, but it was so cool! It is right by the San Antonio Zoo. I saw some info about it and thought it would be cool to go walk around...and it is FREE! There are lots of little walking trails and stairs, a waterfall, a pagoda, what use to be little huts where they had a market, lots of beautiful vegetation, and a big Koi pond. There is actually a lot of history to the place, and you can go to the link above and check it out. Ashlyn really liked "hiking" around the place and looking at everything.

Next, we headed over to ride the train, which was close by. I know we have one of these by our Houston Zoo, but Ashlyn has never ridden on it. She had a good time, but we made the mistake of giving her popcorn while we were riding the train, and she was so into that I don't think she really paid much attention to the ride.

Then we headed to our hotel. We stayed in the Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk, the same one we stayed at last time we were in San Antonio. This time we had an Alamo was great! After we dropped off our stuff, we headed over to the Alamo. It was a quick little tour, more for us than for Ashlyn, but it was cool to see the history there.

We walked around the Riverwalk for awhile and tried to decide where we would eat. I don't think I've eaten at one place on the Riverwalk that I have actually really liked. We tried a Mexican food restaurant...that meal did not change my mind about the food there:(

After dinner, we made it back in time to see the next American Idol crowned.....Kris Allen!!! Oh Yeah!!!! I was sooooo glad that he won!!!

The next day went spent the day at Fiesta Texas. They just opened a new part of the park called Wiggles World. It was so great! All these little rides and Ashlyn could go on all of them. She had soooo much fun! Her favorite was the Romp Bomp A Stomp rollercoaster. She even got to see a Wiggles show and danced and sang to a lot of her favorite songs! So cute!
We took her on the...well I forget the actual name of it, but it is basically the Log Ride. She unfortunately did not like that one. The child just didn't want to get wet. Mommy and Daddy had fun:)

It was a quick vacation, but we had a lot of family fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2009