Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big 30!

This past weekend (Aug. 28th to be exact), Jason celebrated his 30th birthday! We had a really busy weekend traveling around to celebrate with different family members and friends. Friday, we went bowling with some friends. It was Ashlyn's first time bowling and she had a blast! She got to wear the cutest little bowling shoes:)
Saturday, we went and had lunch with Jason's family. Then, we had dinner with my family to celebrate Jason's and my dad's bday. Not only do they share a bday, but my cousin also had her baby girl Friday on their bday, so now I have 3 family members with the same birthday....crazy! We had such a fun weekend and now Jason is 30! He kept going around quoting Joey from FRIENDS when he turned 30..."Why God, Why! We had a deal...let the others grow old, not me!" Funny stuff:)
Happy Birthday!


Morgan said...

aww...fun! i wish i had been there! good family picture!

Jason Maas said...

"And now Chandler! We’re all gettin’ so old! (Looking up) Why are you doing this to us?! "

Casey said...

looks like it was a good time! 30... he is so old. :)