Monday, September 21, 2009

Laura and Aaron

My long time friend, Laura, came to town this weekend to visit her family, but to also celebrate her recent engagement to Aaron! I got to hang out with them several times this weekend and I think they are just perfect for each other! I got to go wedding dress shopping with Laura, which was so much fun! Laura and Aaron are about to head off to Panama for a year to run a hostel in Panama city....oh the adventures they get to go on together:)

Last night, they had an engagement party at Amici in Sugar Land Townsqare. It was so nice to visit with people I hadn't seen in quite a while. It is so great to celebrate such an amazing couple, that you know will go on so many adventures in their lives together! Oh...and they are getting married 10/10/10...which I think is so cool!
Congratulations Aaron and Laura!


Morgan said...

they make such a cute couple!! i bet her wedding dress will be amazing!

Casey said...

very fun. congratulations laura!