Wednesday, October 7, 2009

20 Clean Teeth:)

Ashlyn had her first dentist appointment today! She did absolutely amazing! I thought she would have been scared of the spit sucker "Mr. Thirsty" but she wasn't at all. She learned that she has 20 teeth and how to keep them clean. She was pretty much the hit of the dentist office. All the hygienist kept coming in and talking to her because she kept cracking them up. What a great patient!


Matt and Jen Waller said...

Thats so great, love the pictures!

Morgan said...

so cute! i call the 'spit sucker thing' ' mr. thirsty' too! i tell the kids to give him a kiss, that way they will close their mouth on it. :)

Casey said...

she looks so old in these photos! what an independent little girl!