Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ashlyn 4th Birthday

Today my baby girl...I mean, BIG girl, turned 4! I can't even believe she is 4 already! Its seems like just yesterday she was a tiny little baby and now she is such a big girl! We have been so blessed to have her in our lives for 4 years! We could not have asked for a better little girl! She is so full of life and just makes me smile everyday! Before we know it, she is going to be a teenager....ahhhhh! Here are some pictures of our birthday photo shoot:)

We had such a great day with her today! She opened up her present from us...a new kitchen (the old one was not going to fit anymore when we move her into the other room) Then, we started off with her favorite breakfast, pink doughnut with sprinkles and chocolate milk. Next, we took her to Incredible Pizza Company to play a bunch of games and have lunch. And then, we took her to paint pottery, which she had never done before and loved! Of course, she painted a little puppy! We loved making the day so fun for her and I hope she remembers it for a long time!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Ashlyn! We love you so much!


Casey said...

she is such a ham for the camera! :)

The Echols said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Ashlyn. You are so adorable. xoxo

The Echols said...

Oh Ashlyn, you and Mattie Claire and Jackson love some of the same things! I wish y'all could hang out more and play! I know you would have a ball together!