Saturday, May 8, 2010

All out there:)

This is totally out of my comfort zone to put a bare belly picture on my blog, but this is my Mother's Day gift:) We had a little photo shoot today. I think it turned out really great! I have been looking at maternity pictures online to see what we could try and re-enact, and we didn't do such a bad job. The belly pic is hanging in Brayden's room now (at least for awhile until he gets embarrassed...or I do for that matter:)). These are my favorite pictures!


Morgan said...

Wow! The belly pic turned out really well! Did Jason take the pics?

Jason and Sarah said...

Yes...we set up the tripod, but he did all the staging work:)

Matt and Jen Waller said...

So fun, those turned out really cute! Not long now!!

Rachel said...

Wow they did turn out good. Haha when i saw them on facebook i was really impressed that you posted the belly on b/c i know how you feel about that but i really does look good!

Jana said...

It is a beautiful picture of a loving family. I think you should send it to Hallmark so they can use it on their cards.

Sara said...

you have a way cute family...Congrats on having a boy!

I LOVE to sew too, I love your riley blake...michael miller...amy butler fabric choices...those designer's are just the best. Have you tried making an I spy bag before? You would love one of those. I'm making some this week for my kids and for birthday presents...ooohh and I am going to copy this and make myself one of these
I love how you can keep the wipes and diaper inside the changing pad, but I think I am going to make mine a little bit bigger.

well, I bet you will be busy for awhile with your new baby. Congratulations!