Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brayden Update

Well, we made it through the first 2 months! Brayden is getting so big! He is such a great baby!

Here's what Brayden does now....
  • smiles
  • laughs
  • coos and makes happy noises
  • sleeps a 7-8 hour stretch at night
  • falls asleep on his own
  • bats at the toys on his play mat
  • holds his head pretty steady
  • sucks on his hand when he is hungry
  • has a more consistent schedule during the day

And here are some great pictures of my little bubba bear:)

I'm Back!

Wow! It sure has been a while since I sat down to blog. The past 2 months have been super busy, crazy, and just flown by so fast! Where do I begin on what's been going on....

  • Staph invaded our house when Brayden was about 2 weeks old. Jason got it first under his arm and then I got it. I thought I had clogged milk ducts/mastitis, but it ended up that I had a staph infection in my breast....yuck! I couldn't nurse Brayden on that side for a week....not fun....but we made it through it! Somehow, Ashlyn and Brayden did not get staph...thank the Lord!
  • When Brayden was about 5 weeks old, he started projectile vomiting after some of his feedings. We are talking about a 4 oz. bottle coming back out all over me! We had to go get some tests run to make sure it wasn't something serious that was causing him to throw up....he passed with flying colors. We started him on reflux medicine and there was really no change. Long story short....he has a milk allergy! What does that mean, you ask....well, mommy cannot have ANY milk products or anything made with milk as long as I am nursing him. NOT FUN! Milk/milk products are in so many things! And Brayden is super sensitive, so I have to be really careful! It's not too bad just eating at home, but trying to eat out anywhere is super hard! The formula the pediatrician recommended him to be on if I don't want to nurse anymore is super expensive, so that is motivation enough to just change my diet. I have been on the dairy-free diet going on 3 weeks now, and the positive...the baby weight is just falling off of me...I'm already below my pre-pregnancy weight!!!
  • After Brayden was about a month old, Ashlyn decided she was going to go through the terrible 2 stage (she did not have the terrible 2s when she was actually 2). I couldn't figure out where my sweet little Ashlyn had gone. Needless to say, she just needed some time to adjust to having to share mommy and daddy with someone else. She sure does love her baby brother so much! She just loves to make him smile everyday! She is a great big sister!

Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. We are loving our little family of 4!