Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brayden - 6 months

I can't believe Brayden has been in our lives for half a year now! I looked back at some of his newborn pictures a few days ago and I can't believe how he's changed! He has quite the personality now! His daddy especially knows how to make his smile and laugh! It is so sweet seeing Ashlyn and him starting to "play" together now....which mostly consists of rolling around on the floor together:) Here is what he's doing now....

  • rolling all over the place
  • loves to be in his door bouncer
  • eating rice cereal (that's all we've tried so far)
  • great sleeper
  • grabs everything now...especially my hair:)
  • has his hand in his mouth almost all day
  • assisted sitter
  • still not taking a bottle, but taken a few sips from a sippy cup
And here are a few pics....


Messy Mummy said...

Hi there..

You have such a beautiful family. My daughter is almost 6month old too :) But I bet a baby boy can be more active. It can be so tiring right? However, glad to go through every single of it.. Especially when the hair grabbing/pulling happens.. Hahaha.. You have a good day and Happy thanks giving... Enjoy!

The Echols said...

Brayden is such a cutie! I think he looks like his momma! Love you guys!