Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brayden - 11/12 months

First of all....Happy Birthday Brayden!!!

I do realize that I totally missed posting a blog for Brayden's 11th month....but to be honest, he didn't really do too many different things that month. He did say his first word..."Ball"!

For Brayden's 12 month post....
We celebrated Brayden's first Easter this month! He loved playing with all the plastic eggs:) We also took a trip to Dallas to visit Auntie Rachie.....Brayden did not nap well the whole trip! I guess he likes his own bed:) It was nice to get away from the usual though.

This is what he's doing now....

  • standing alone every now and then
  • taking a few steps in between to close objects (jason and me:))
  • eating a lot of different table foods....some favorites are: whole wheat Ritz crackers, grilled cheese, grapes
  • saying several words....ball, hi, bye, more, mama, dada, Brayden
  • pointing at himself and other things
  • waiving
  • his 4th and 5th teeth are coming in
  • mimicking lots of sounds....coughs, sneezes, squeals
  • Drinks water really well from his straw cup
And here are a few pics...

Man, this year flew by fast!!!

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