Monday, June 6, 2011

Beach Day

Jason had last week off from work, so we headed down to the beach one day! This was Brayden's first time going to the beach, since we pretty much stayed inside with our newborn last summer:) Of course it was super hot and there was seaweed everywhere, but it was so much fun! Ashlyn managed to find a few seashells and Brayden loved playing in sand!

After washing all the sand off, we took Ashlyn to Moody Gardens to see the 4D Imax of Dora and Diego. She has actually never been to a movie before....crazy! She freaked out a little in the middle of the movie when the seats started shaking, but by the end she was loving it!

Preschool Graduation

Ashlyn had her preschool graduation a few weeks ago. The whole school did a little performance where each class came out dressed in a certain color and then sang a song about that color. When all the kids where on the stage, they looked like a big rainbow:) It was very cute! Ashlyn's class was the color green. She did such a great job! I could hear her over everyone....I guess that's what happens when I tell her to sing loudly:) After that, they had a little graduation ceremony for the kids that are going into Kindergarten next year. When they called the kids name out, they would also say what they wanted to be when they grow up.....Ashlyn said she wants to be a soccer player. I guess we should sign her up for soccer in the Fall:)

We are so proud of Ashlyn! She has grown up so much over the past year! She is super smart and very social! I think she is going to do great in Kindergarten next year!
Ashlyn and her teacher, Ms. Suzanne
Ashlyn and a few of her classmates
Singing the "Green" song
Getting her diploma
The Graduate:)
Daddy bough her some pretty daisies:)

1st Birthday Party

We invited a few friends and family over to celebrate Brayden's birthday. I had this whole themed party planned out, but decided I would save it for when Brayden gets older. So his little blue and green party turned out perfectly:) We made some yummy fajitas and had cupcakes for desserts. Brayden didn't like his cake very much (just like his big sister), but that didn't stop him from decorating himself with icing:)
Here are a few pictures from the party...